Cristiano Ronaldo is a Selfish Player, or Just an Ambitious One ?

For Cristiano Ronaldo, there will always high expectation from the fans in every match he plays. It’s the price for being the most expensive players in the world.

Sadly, despite scoring one goal that saved Los Blancos  on their third La Liga match, only few who congratulated him for the success. While others weren’t  too  satisfy with a single goal he achieved. The reason was because according to the statistic, he actually had plenty opportunities to score, and lots of goals attempt, that ended in failure.

On his last three La Liga match, his performance showed that he was ambitious to created goals on his own, which lately caused him for being called “selfish and individualist” player. Of course if he succeded with more goals, then the story would’ve been different.

Xabi Alonso stated a defense for Ronaldo. He asked the fans to be patient and wait for his greater achievement.

“I do not see any different from Cristiano. He had plenty of chances and a bad luck for not scoring,” stated Alonso to Dailymail.

“Every strikers have experienced this situation. But the most important thing is that we win as a team,”he continued.

And tonight, Ronaldo will again try to prove that he is worth the 80 million pounds, when he face Espanyol in Santiago Bernabeu (21 September 2010). However, it will be a dilemma for him, since he is expected to score more goal, and on the contrary he was being called “selfish” by doing it. In the end, whether he is simply a selfish player or just an ambitious one, he still deserves the credit for being a great player.


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