Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With TVI Portugal – Pictures and Video

While shooting for BES TV Commercial, Cristiano Ronaldo made an interview with Portugal station, TVI  about his career, and future. The interview was aired yesterday and it was taken on the commecial set.

The interview was around his career in Real Madrid, and also his future. The interviewer also asked about his possible career path with Barcelona.

After thinking for a moment, Ronaldo answered, “”No. .. (smile) I will answer honestly. I keep to my word, my promise and dreams. I’ll never close any door to any club.”

“But if I have to choose, Barcelona would be the furthest door. There will be an easier door to open,” he continued, adding that if Real Madrid wants to sign him for life, he will.

“Madrid is the world’s richest club, which has more history and who won more Champions Leagues. We feel that the demand is very high. There’s pressure when we walk down the street, which is good.”

“A club like Real Madrid can not stay long without winning a competition as important as the Champions League or the Spanish League. I hope this year things changed. We are on track. We started well, now we have to see what the future holds. ”

About Mourinho, Ronaldo stated, “We are stronger with him, there’s no doubt. His record speaks for itself. He has won before. I am very happy to work with him. He’s a very good coach, the best in the world, and what I want most is to win things with him. ”

Ronaldo also spoke about his national team, Portugal. Christian has said he has “a sense that is well under way, which is not felt for a long time. We have conditions to succeed, but be patient and respect other teams that also aim to win. ”

“For the history, players and coaches, Portugal deserves to win European Championship and now we have a chance,” he said.

“I’m sure that soon the future will be much better.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With TVI

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