Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With Portugal Media About World Cup 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo had an Interview by email with a Portuguese media organization about facing the World Cup in South Africa. Here’s the interview of the event :

Q : After a complicated clearance, the Portuguese are not very optimistic regarding the participation of Portugal in the World. What they can promise?

C : Work, hard work, dedication, concentration and also optimism. Let’s demonstrate that we are a great team.

Q :Portugal is in the same group of Brazil, a leading candidate for the world title, and the Ivory Coast, Africa seen as the strongest selection.What you must do to run no risks of failing to qualify for the second phase?

C : I believe that we were in the toughest group, but about that there is nothing to do. In my opinion the game with the Ivory Coast, for being the first, will be crucial. We have a single goal: to enter and win the race. It will not be easy, we all know, but we have all the conditions to move forward.
And if you go beyond the group stage – as I believe that will happen – 50 percent of the target will be met. Then we’ll see what we could achieve, always thinking game to game, keeping us strong, cohesive and focused.The group is motivated and it is very important. Important is to have a strong collective.

Q : One of the most unlikely situations in qualifying was the fact that Cristiano has not scored any goal. How do you explain that? Do you think South Africa will be able to provide a more fruitful production?

C : I do not think, I am sure: I will score goals and help Portugal to win games.

Q : How do you react when you read or hear that yields more in clubs than in the selection?

C : Of course, respect.

Q : But what it really means to play for you in the selection?

C : An immense pride that I still can not describe, and a great honor. It’s my country, it is my nation, my homeland is that I am representing. I still shiver whenever I hear the anthem and I am sure that will continue to be so.

Q : Were you surprised with the list of 24 players called up by Capello?

C : No. I think we must all respect the choices of the coach and in my opinion, were the best options. But everyone knows that in every one of us is a coach who would change when either player.With all due respect for those who were left out of this group, I think there were better options.

Q : Do you prefers to play down the wings or in the middle, as might happen when Portugal use the alternative system (4x4x2 diamond) introduced by Queiroz. It is understood and Liedson?

C : I prefer to play anywhere.No matter the position, it yields, it is contributing to the victories, assists, goals. I consider myself well with Liedson, with Hugo Almeida, with Simon, with Nani. With everyone.

Q : Think that change can bring us tactical advantage and make the national team more balanced?

C : We define our identity and work function of the players we have. When you start the World Cup, will be prepared to face the competitive games, concentration and ambition, regardless of changes in tactics that might be introduced. It is this perspective that we are working in Covilhã.

Q : What would be good for you participation of Portugal in the World?

C : Maybe get a semi-final. And if we reach the semi-finals, who knows if we will not be in the final?


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