Cristiano Ronaldo Incident at Globe de Oro After Party

Cristiano Ronaldo missed the award ceremony at the Globe de Oro event at Lisbon, Portugal, and had to be represented by his two sisters, Katia and Elma Aveiro.

However, apparently he attended  the gala after party, at the Urban Beach nightclub. He was seen leaving the club with his friends.

Unfortunately,  there was bad rumor along him leaving the club. Ronaldo was reportedly having an incident with Goncalo Teixeira, who won the best model at Globe de Oro. It started when Ronaldo got interested on Teixeira’s girlfriend, Carolina, and asked her phone number. She refused to tell him, but as Ronaldo kept on insisting, she later told Teixeira, who confronted Ronaldo right away.

But for Teixeira, instead of receiving an apology, he got dragged on a washing room by Ronaldo’s friends, and his head got pushed inside a basin and splashed with waters.

Don’t know whether the rumor is true or not, but the latest rumor is that Teixeira is planning on suing the Portuguese star.

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