Cristiano Ronaldo In So Visto Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo will be interviewing on Portugal TV show called “So Visto”. The interview already broadcast the two minutes interview since last Friday, but the full version will be aired today, Sunday 10th Oct.

But don’t expect to hear him talks about his son Cris Jr or his Russian girlfriend, cause it’s off the limit. Even the presenter, Marta Leite Castro won’t step on the question.

“It was a wonderful interview. Interviewing Cristiano Ronaldo is rare and the exclusive feeling is a good thing. Let’s have some revelations, but the privacy is out of limit. However, there are things that come close,”says the presenter.cris3

“He does not talk about his son, nor we questioned about it. I tried not to step on the space that is not mine. “The purpose of this interview was to show emotion, laughs, and I can say he gave some good laughs!”, she added.

The interview was taking on the Spanish capital early October, and you can watch the preview in Youtube.


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