Cristiano Ronaldo In Real Madrid’s Press Conference Ahead CSKA Match(13 March 2012)

“Mourinho will continue with us,” said Cristiano Ronaldo with a smile, as his first statement of the conference today at Real Madrid sports city. The coach, who sat besides him, nodded in agreement.

“I grow season after season. I am very happy to be with the coach. I always learn something new, year after year,” Ronaldo added.

Adressing the issue’s on Messi’s bright career, Ronaldo stated , “Madrid is more important than Mourinho or me.”

“I do not care what others do. I care about my team. Goals mean nothing to me. ” And to answer Messi’s five goals over Leverkusen, Ronaldo answered , “I am happy for his five goals and so is football. I do not know if I can ever do the same thing. I hope so.”

On his own goal, Ronaldo said, “I can not promise anything, but I’m doing well. And the team is better than me, my teammates are better than me and things are going. Must continue like this.”

He also spoke about Real Madrid fans at Bernabeu. “I am the same since I arrived with mistakes and virtues. And that I will grow as a player and person. I may feel more loved in recent month, and I’m happy. I have heard some songs and it’s something new for me, I like it because I feel loved. But the important thing is that within the field the atmosphere is good. I would ask the fans to make songs not only for me but for the whole team, because only together we can still win titles. ”

Asked about Silvio Berlusconi’s statement, about his dream to take Ronaldo to Milan one day, Ronaldo said, ” I can only say that I am very well here, and wants to stay. Italian League is not what I like, but I respect  a lot since they have a great team and players.”

Ronaldo  also spoke about the opponent CSKA .

“Russian team can win the Champions League, because in football anything is possible, but not this year I hope. Because we want to win.”

For Ronaldo, he doesn’t want to think about the Champions League draw, since he has to focus for tomorrow’s match.

“Just think about this. If tomorrow we don’t beat the tough team, we’re out.  The 1-1 result is a dangerous but I hope we do a good game. And then we’ll see what comes out in the draw.”

Ronaldo later ended up being asked about the semi-finals match against Barcelona, where there were problems with the referee.

“I’m not worried about the referees, or Barcelona. Most important is tomorrow’s match. “”I’m worried about the colleges, Barcelona or mission impossible.”

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