Cristiano Ronaldo: I Miss Manchester United But I Want To Overcome Barcelona!

CR7 - CR9 Which is which?How hard it could it feel to leave something, somewhere, someone or people that you’ve known and loved for six years? How sweet could it be to fulfill your childhood dream? How great would it be to conquer your rivals?

On Monday evening, Cristiano Ronaldo somehow gave an answer to all of these three questions as he talked about Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked about his former club, Manchester United, and its current position in the league. The Red Devils lost 3-0 away to Fulham last weekend to record their second straight loss in the English Premier League and their fifth defeat in the entire campaign so far.

Manchester United’s recent troubles have raised doubts over their ability to keep hold of the English Premier League title once again. However, former Manchester United number 7, Cristiano Ronaldo, shared other ideas.

He told the press:

“I think that Manchester United are doing great this season. They’ve lost their last two games, but they are still second in the league.”

Then speaking about the majority of the people’s negative view concerning his world record € 94 million switch from Manchester United to Spanish giants Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo said:

“What people think about me is their opinion. Really, I miss Manchester United a little bit because I played there for six years and because I left a few friends there… so I miss the club [Manchester United] a little bit,” he said before continuing at the pleasure of the Real Madrid family:

“But now I am focused at Real Madrid and I am really, really happy here.”

Despite suffering a big blow late in September through injury, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to mesmerize Real Madrid fans. However, he is aware that his pace, tricks, flicks, and goals would only be memorized if he wins trophies with and for Los Blancos.

Speaking about Real Madrid’s rivals Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo avowed:

“Barcelona have won everything this year, so they have to be the best club at the moment.

“Barcelona have a style of play and players who’ve been playing together for many years. Therefore, they are an outstanding team.”

He quickly pursued:

“But we’ll do our best at Real Madrid to win La Liga and the Champions League. It will be difficult but in football, everything is possible if you work hard and if you dedicated yourself to that challenge.”

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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