Cristiano Ronaldo: I feel at home at Manchester

The January transfer window has just opened and Cristiano Ronaldo has already come out to dismiss any speculations that he might be joining Real Madrid anytime soon.

His temperament and negative body language in recent games has strengthened suggestions that Ronaldo is not happy at Manchester United. Speaking to United’s official website, Ronaldo retorted to these claims:

“There’s always speculation, not just about me, but about the future of players all around the world.

“People were speaking about me this summer but that was normal because of what I did during the season.

“What people are saying now (the recent speculation about an agreement with Real Madrid) is not true.

“Who says that is a liar because I am happy at the club, I want to stay here. I feel at home here. I feel very happy here,” Ronaldo insisted.

If Ronaldo wasted time deciding over his club future last summer, he now faces the problem of regaining the public’s confidence. But the 23 year old seems to ignore those who don’t believe him when he says that he is content to remain with the reigning European Champions. The controversial Portuguese winger is rather grateful to all the fans that have welcomed him back at the club after everything that happened during the summer.

“I think the people don’t forget quickly what you do for the club,” Ronaldo affirmed.

“When I arrived at the stadium, to play (my first game of this season) against Villarreal, I felt a little bit of pressure.

“But the fans were very good and this is why I feel the Manchester United supporters are amazing,” he continued.

“I love the fans because they have been brilliant with me, not just this season but every season. Like I said before, I feel at home in Manchester.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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