Cristiano Ronaldo Hits Number 8 In Football Fan Talk Top 10 Videos

[/caption]Cristiano Ronaldo is football’s most expensive player as well as football’s highest paid player.

Now he is also Football Fan Talk’s most popular figure with as much as 8 Cristiano Ronaldo related videos listed in succession in the top 10 videos.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance vs Barcelona video highlights is at the peak of the chart above other videos such as CR9’s Castrol Analysis clip.

Video highlights of Football Fan Talk’s second most adored player, Fabregas, complete the list.

Here is a view of the chart:

1) Cristiano Ronaldo vs Barcelona (29-Nov 2009)

2) Cristiano Ronaldo Laser Light vs Barcelona (29-Nov 2009)

3) Cristiano Ronaldo Castrol Analysis (13-Feb 2010)

4) Cristiano Ronaldo Clip With Sister’s Song (30-Nov 2009)

5) Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid – in Albania (19 Jan 2010)

6) Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Dribbling Skills – The Best (28-Dec 2009)

7) Cristiano Ronaldo With Usain Bolt (31-Aug 2009)

8] Cristiano Ronaldo Passing Real Madrid Medical (06-July 2009)

9) Post match interview with Cesc Fabregas after Arsenal-Liverpool match

10) Cesc Fabregas Fashion for Relief Haiti Video (18-feb 2010)

Enjoy each video of Cristiano Ronaldo in Football Fan Talk’s video gallery. Don’t forget to watch Cesc Fabregas’ video highlights as well. Let’s not create jealousy between these two stars! LOL

Angela Asante,

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