Cristiano Ronaldo Got Harassed By Teenage Fans

crisIt’s not easy being famous, especially for Cristiano Ronaldo. Being chased everywhere, and everytime with fangirl, even when he has to rest for a match.

Just like yesterday. A possible drunk teenage girl in Zaragoza has been disturbing and harassing the Real Madrid playmaker at late midnight, when he supposed to be resting to face Zaragoza today. The girl was shouting and yelling, infront of the hotel where he stays, calling out his name, and hoping that he would finally go outside the window and greeted her.

Actually the girl meant no harm, but it was impossible for her to get Cris attention at that kind of hour.

And after shouting “Cristiano…….Ronaldooooo….Come Out….!!!” for more than 10 minutes,  she finally gave up, and left with her friends, tired and feeling cold in a zero night temperature.

And early in the morning, over than a dozen fans, girls mostly, gathered outside the hotel, watching at Cris hotel window, and also the rest of Real Madrid players.


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