Cristiano Ronaldo Got Booed and Lasers From Disrecpectfull Bosnian Fans

cristiano ronaldoNot quite a journey for Cristiano Ronaldo this time. The Portugal captain had a hard time to cope with Bosnian fans behaviour, as they acting like a childish and disrespectfull fans towards the Real Madrid ace.

Since he arrived at the Sarajevo airport following the Euro playoff round, the fans greeted him with loud annoying whistling, and chanted Messi’s name, just to mess with Ronaldo and hoping that he might get a mental break down.

The same behaviour were also found at the hotel. Even when the Portugal team were still on the bus, Bosnian fans who waited outside the hotel already yelled and whistling, and again, chanted Messi’s name. But not because they adore the Barcelona players indeed. Ronaldo seemed to ignore them and just smiled while passing them. But he lost his temper when the Bosnian fans did a sleazy thing on Portugal training session.

The fans pointed lasers on Ronaldo while he was doing a training session. The security didn’t do anything regarding the incident, surprisingly, and finally the captain couldn’t put up with their stupid attitude anymore. He gave the fans the ‘finger’, which they deserved, and until the end of the session, he failed to glance a smile on his face.

To view video of Ronaldo got booed on Sarajevo, just click the link below :

Cristiano Ronaldo Got Booed at Sarajevo


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