Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Record Has Surpass Real Madrid Legend “Juanito”

cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the most productive goal machine in football world. His  one goal against Racing Santander last week was adding  his goal record with Real Madrid to 122 goals in all competition. The achievement has overcome Real Madrid’s legendary striker, Juan Gomez Gonzalez “Juanito” long-time record of 121 goals.

Ronaldo’s goal collection came from  95 goals in Spanish League, 16 goals in Champions League, 10 at Copa del Rey, and 1 goal at Supercopa. And  what made the record more amazing is that all goals were created from 123 matches. Which mean, statistically, he scored 1 goal in every match (almost).

To compare with Juanito records, Ronaldo made the achievement in just 2,5 years, while it took 10 years for Juanito to reach the goal number.

Currently, Ronaldo collects 28 goals in Spanish league, more goals than the total of goals that most of Spanish club has collect so far.

Now he leads in the el pichichi, and is potential to win the Europe Golden shoe. However, Ronaldo must becareful since his long time rival Lionel Messi is only one goal away from him after he scored a quattrick over Valencia.


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