Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Controversy Against Espanyol

After his goal was given to Pepe,  Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored his first goal of the season from a penalty kick in minute 28th against Espanyol, yesterday. Unfortunately, his penalty kick was become another controversy since Espanyol coach, Mauricia Pochettino claimed that he didn’t deserve the penalty kick. He said that the jury often made a decision that gives more profit to Real Madrid.

The penalty kick was given to Real Madrid since the jury decided that Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick touched the hand of Espanyol player, Luis Garcia. Mauricio Pochettino claimed that the ball didn’t touch his hand, and that the world could see it clearly on the TV screen.

However, thanks to the goal, Real Madrid showed a better performance right after Cristiano’s goal. Early on the match, they faced difficulties on getting through the opponents defense. So it wasn’t a surprise to see Ronaldo showed his excitement after the goal. He made unusual celebration by sucking on his thumb. The media believed that his new action meant that he  dedicated his first goal to his son, Cristiano Jr.cris

Watching the match, we can still remember when last week, the media reported that Cris showed selfishness where he played as individual player, just to get more score. Even Sara Carbonero, Casillas girlfriend stated that Cris is a selfish player and she hates his performance on the pitch. Well on this match, not only he managed to score, he also showed that he’s not a one-man player by doing a great assist to Higuain which made him able to score second goal for Real Madrid.

But asside from that, the rest of the team were overjoyed with the victory, especially Mourinho, since it  brought Real Madrid on the top  Spanish League standings with 10 points.


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