Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Inspirational Words To South African Kids

Cristiano Ronaldo had a message for South African kids, and it was a good one. The grown child of the Madeira Island has some inspirational words for those out there who love football.

Explaining the condition of all the talented young players in Mzansi who fall out in the dark instead of shining on the international stage, Ronaldo told

“Sometimes it’s hard because of the circumstances of the country, the football, the coaching.”

Cristiano Ronaldo continued:

“My advise to them is that they still believe everything is possible, and that they keep dreaming. Even when I was young, I believed that I could become a professional footballer. What I can say to these boys in South Africa is, don’t give up and carry on with your work. Catch every chance you get, catch them, because the future for you can be very, very good.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was actually from a poor family in Madeira, his native land, before rising as a professional player in Sporting Lisbon. Ronaldo then joined Manchester United where he stayed for a period of 6 years before switching to Real Madrid in a world-record breaking fee of 80 Million Pounds.

Angela Asante,

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