Cristiano Ronaldo Getting Ready For APOEL Match

Fresh face and ready for tonight’s game against APOEL.  Although there’s huge chance Mourinho will rest Ronaldo since he needs him fit for the next league match against Valencia.

For information, last Monday, Mou decided to give a day off to Ronaldo,Benzema, Ozil and Albiol, and on Tuesday, the four players were training separately from the groups. Cristiano – Benzema – Ozil are the best combination for the team, and Mou wants them to maintain their team-work collaboration. Right now, winning the next La liga seems more important, since they already lead with 3 goals against APOEL. But seriously, Ronaldo needs to play tonight. With only 6 goals in Champions League competition, he’s now 8 goals behind rival Messi, who collects another 2 against AC Milan yesterday.


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