Cristiano Ronaldo Gave Mandela Portugal Shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo met Nelson Mandela who invited him and Queiroz privately at his house. It seemed that Cris was the only team captain who got invited.

On their visits, they gave Mandela a Portugal shirt with number 91 on the back, which represent his age. Cristiano also had a chance to chat with the former president of South Africa.

Later on, Cris  signed autograph to the kids on Mandela’s place, and he even let Mandela’s grandchild and relatives to explore his car.

Nelson_Mandela_Cristiano_RonaldoNelson Mandela is a friend of coach Queiroz since his wife, Graca Machel is also Queiroz friend. Back then when Queiroz was still a coach of South Africa, he was accused to be a racist, and Mandela as his friend was helping him to get through the problem. And they still remain close until now.Cris


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