Cristiano Ronaldo Former Mate at Sporting Tells All….

How would you feel if your ex-partner reach their success, while you’re 10o feet behind them ? I guess that’s what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo and his former colleague in Sporting, Fabio Ferreira.

While Cristiano Ronaldo reach his stardom as a footballer, Fabio had to serve people as a waiter at Monte Gordo, in southern Portugal. Irony ?

Back then, Cris and Fabio were inseparable team-mate, who scored many goals during their time at Sporting. Fabio, the centre forward, score more goals with the assist from Ronaldo.

“I was the center forward. Cristiano played behind. He was my helper, yes. He will said, “Fabio, run to the left or right I’m gonna give the ball wherever you go”, said Fabio.

However, unlike his partner, he had to leave football early because of serious knee injury. And that what changed their lives.

In an interview with SporTV, Fabio Ferreira remembers their embarassing moments together. One of them was when they felt embarrassed with their accent at school. Cris is from Madeira island, and Fabio is from Algarve. And like normal person, they also became nervous and had stomachache, on their first day at the new school.

But with the girls, Cris never have changed.

“We always had our adventures with the girls at school. When they found out we’re playing for Sporting, then……,” Fabio laughed while telling his flashback memories.

Although Fabio’s dream was already down the drain, he still carried out by his former partner succession.


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