Cristiano Ronaldo Football Boots Got Stolen at Allianz Arena

Real Madrid got a huge surprise yesterday before the match against Bayern Munich. A few hours before the match started, when the team were on their preparation, someone stole 6 pair of boots and a shirts from the locker room.

According to, Cristiano Ronaldo lost 3 pair of his boots, while other boots were belong to Mesut Ozil and Benzema. To deal with this  , Real Madrid already reported the unpleasant action to Football Organization.

As a result to the game, last night Bayern Munich  grabbed  2-1 victory over Real Madrid. On the first round, Bayern scored the opening goal in 17th minute through Frank Ribery. Real Madrid managed to equalized the point in the second half, through a great collaboration between Benzema, Ronaldo, and Mesut Ozil. However, the last minute goal from Mario Gomez has saved the German team and gives the advantage for the second leg match at Bernabeu.