Cristiano Ronaldo Flirting With Malena Costa – Puyol Ex

Puyol ex girlfriend, Malena Costa was seen partying with Cristiano Ronaldo at MOMA nightclub 2 weeks ago, just when the ace was celebrating the victory over CSKA with his other colleagues.

Ronaldo was sitting in the VIP area with Ramos, Higuain, and Arbeloa when Costa came to the club around 3:00 am. She was later busy drinking while Ronaldo started to dance in the famous Michel Telo song.  According to the eye witness, Costa then approached him, and soon they were chatted and laughing together, as she joined him on the dance floor. But it was only a for fun, and nothing more, and at 6:30, Ronaldo finally went home.

Before came to MOMA nightclub, Costa attended the Glamour Awards. She joined Javier Hidalgo, who also her ex for a drink at the after party. But when the party was over, she still wanted to have some fun. So she headed to MOMA, to continue the night, and that’s when she met Ronaldo.

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