Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Asks For a Raise That He Deserves

We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo is not in his best mood when Real Madrid played a home game against Granada, last weekend. Despite he scored 2 goals, he didn’t show any satisfaction nor proudness, and only pointed the hand gesture to his boy who has been watching at the VIP box.

Soon after the match, Ronaldo himself spoke to the press that he felt sad, and that the club knew the reason behinds it.

So, what is the reason exactly ? Since the match came later after Andres Iniesta crowned as UEFA best footballer, the press quickly accused him for getting disappointed for not winning the title. But then they find out that the previous meeting between Ronaldo and president Florentino Perez have caused all his problem. And that was when money talks…

Since 2009, Ronaldo pocketed €10 million per year. Minus the 23% tax, he still received €7,7 million. The actual tax income in Spain is 45 %, but since David Beckham’s law, then the 22% rest of the tax are paid by the club. Which means, every year, Real Madrid have to pay €15,5 million for Ronaldo’s salary plus taxes. And to make it worse, in a certain amount of salary, the tax could increase into 52%.

Since Ronaldo wished to renew the contract with Real Madrid (his contract will ends in 2015), he asked for a raise, and that’s when the number of €31,5 million came out. With that kind of money, Ronaldo expected to receive a clean €15 million per year. Unfortunately,  it is doubtedly that the club will pay for that kind of money in a year just for 1 player.

The option for Real Madrid is not to renew the contract with Ronaldo, which mean they only pay for €10 million or €15,5 million plus tax until his contract ends in 2015. The bad part is that in 3 years, Ronaldo can leave the club free of charge. But still,  this way they will save around €45 million, with the asumption of €15 million extra tax per year.

Of course, if Madrid rejects Ronaldo’s offer for a raise, then no wonder that the Portuguese star felt unwanted. However, Ronaldo proved that he is a professional player, and that the personal problem won’t disrupt his performance on the pitch by scoring 2 goals.

The question is, will Real Madrid change their mind and grant Ronaldo’s wish for a raise ? Is he really worth the price ? With all his goals and his achievements for the club, then yes, I think he is worth it. Come on, lets face the fact that Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now, but he only came on the 6th list for the highest paid footballer. Here are the list :

1. Samuel Eto’o                            €20 million

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic              €14,5 million

3. Wayne Rooney                       €12,3 million

4. Didier Drogba                         €12 million

5. Lionel Messi                            €10,5 million

6. Cristiano Ronaldo                €10 million

By the list above, even Ibrahimovic gets bigger money, and he’s no wizard in football, imo…. So, is it wrong for Ronaldo to ask for more money ? Does it mean he’s greedy ? Nope, he’s just asking for the salary that he deserves.

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