Cristiano Ronaldo Enters 25 Top Goal Scorer in Spanish League History

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Celta Vigo at Balaidos has added his record to 138 goals in La liga, which made him as one of the 25 top goal scorers in the history of La liga.

The Portuguese striker is a goal machine, with an amazing scoring pace of 1.08 goals per game. With the spectacular record, he now matched the goals scored by Kubala, the former Barcelona’s and Espanyol player. But while it took 11 season’s for Kubala to reached that number of goals, Ronaldo only need half through 4 season’s to collect them.

Until now, the record still held by Zarra with 251 goals, Hugo Sanchez on second with 234 goals, and Raul came third with 228. Raul’s goal numbers also made him as the top list on Real Madrid’s goal scorer in Spanish League’s history (Ronaldo came on 6th).

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