Cristiano Ronaldo Disco Night-Out With Friends (23 July 2010)

Cristiano Ronaldo was having fun in Black Jack Disco, with six of his bodyguards, as he broke the fast of late nights. Since his holiday at Algarve, he has been very homely, spends his time with mom and son.

But On Friday afternoon (23/7) he strolled to a disco at Black Jack, to have fun for a few hours in the company of Jose Pereira and brother in-law including his brother , Hugo. It was 2 in the morning when the young player left the condominium Pinhal Velho in the company of two families and six security guards form an entourage that traveled in three cars.

First came a car with two bodyguards , followed shortly afterwards by two cars, each with two bodyguards . Ronaldo, Jose and Hugo made the short distance between the condo and club together in the same car.

Ronaldo and his group chose not to enter the club through the back door . They did it , yes, the main entrance , while the crowd were very busy. Without the company of his girlfriend , the Russian model Irina Shayk ,Ronaldo had fun at Black Jack for four hours, always escorted by his bodyguards.

When Cris left to his place, he has not been accompanied by his brother in law and brother, who were seen and photographed leaving the scene without him.

The Portuguese player eventually return to Villa Condo do Pinhal Velho around six in the morning in a car different from the one that left.

Too bad no pictures were found from the event.


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