Cristiano Ronaldo Clashes With The Paparazzi Twice

Cristiano Ronaldo unhappy with the paparazzi always chasing him around his house. Ronaldo went to visit his son in the mansion but he fought with the paparazzi since they’re not letting him to enjoy this special moment.

The first clash was when an English journalist followed Ronaldo to ask him about his son and the mother of the son,

“come forward and release the lady’s name” of his child, soon Ronaldo snapped back as he was waiting to catch a lift. The 25-year-old fired back “Someday, someone’s gonna kill you! Be careful.”

The hack was quick to respond though, countering with the line “Someone’s probably gonna break your legs in a nasty tackle! Could be Rooney. You never know!”

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The second clash was when Ronaldo went to visit his son, and the most nice thing that Ronaldo said was that he is happy to be a father and really would like to enjoy this moment without the paparazzi chasing him

Ronaldo: “You make me sad. You guys are always here bothering me. Always walking around the house. That makes me sad… You guys are always here, everyday, walking around the house with cameras. That is not good. I can’t rest with that.”

Check the video here

Ghiwa Abi Haidar,

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