Cristiano Ronaldo Castrol Challenger Publicity (16 April 2010)

The Portuguese had a tight schedule yesterday. Earlier, at 10:30 pm and recovered physical exertion Valdebebas deployed the previous day in Almeria. Then, in 13:00, was in the city council in the ceremony of the European Cup in the capital of Spain. And at 16:45 pm the tournée ended with the ‘Challenge Ronaldo’ with Castrol.

But before, the player responded to questions of special envoys. Will it be his worst season if they don’t win the league? “It would be a failure and a huge disappointment. It might be the worst season in my career because I’ve always gone over.”

Do you regret you move? “I am very happy and I do not regret at any time to sign for Madrid. It is not difficult to play for one of the biggest club in the world. It’s a challenge, and I am ready to assume and expect to win many titles here. I am very happy with my teammates, and I do not want to play with others, although there are very talented players. ”

After the meeting with the press, promoted by Castrol, Cristiano had to sweat blood in the publicity event. Three tests of dribbling and speed retándose himself with a giant projection behind him. Complicated mission. In the end, he beated himself …


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