Cristiano Ronaldo Bwin Press Conference (25 November 2010)

press conferenceCristiano Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso talked about El Clasico on a press conference today, organized by Bwin.¬† The best quotation from the La liga top scorer on the conference was, ” The winner is the best, and the best is Real Madrid.”

Cristiano, who has expecting a victory for his team, explained that both Madrid and Barcelona have a difference on the football style. While Barca identical with short passing and tikitaka, Real Madrid prefers the long pass, and grabs a goal chance as quickly as possible.

“We are two very different and also very similar. They are very good, also fighting for the league, and very close to each other, but with a very different football,” said Ronaldo.

CR also mentioned that El Barca is an important game for them, and explained, “We are one point ahead, and although it will be a difficult game because we play in away match, but I hope we’re going to get a good result. But it is not final, because there are still many games.”

The Portuguese player also realized that Barcelona is more stronger when they play in Camp Nou.

“It’s the same in recent years, they are a very strong team, especially at home. They have proved that they are there to fight with us and for the league. We do our job well, and we know we’re in a good shape too. Therefore there will be a good game, “he said.

About his position on the field CR admitted that he always been extreme, and doesn’t like to be in just one position. “It depends on the circumstances of the team, and the match. I do not like to stay fixed in one position, I like being free,” he added.

“This is happening at Real Madrid, I am very happy with my position, because my teammates know me very well. I want to continue¬† helping, giving goals, assists ….”

He also gave time to praise all the big players, with whom he has shared experiences, back in Sporting Lisbon, ManUtd, and also his national team.

For Jose Mourinho, he thinks that they both are having the same personalities. “Perhaps, because we are Portuguese. I am an ambitious person, like Mourinho. For me it is an honor and proud to work with a coach at his level that won it all. I hope he can bring his experience with Madrid and win many titles together, “he said.

And finally, CR spoke about the similarity between El Clasico and ManUtd vs Liverpool. “Both are special matches, different parties, and everyone like to watch, in stadium and on television. ”

Well, that’s all about his press conference, unfortunately no video available until now.


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