Cristiano Ronaldo Blurts Out Arrogant Protest to the Dynamo Zagreb’s Referee

Cristiano Ronaldo is furious over the ref after he got no justice with a series of hard challenge he received from Dynamo Zagreb players. The striker has said during his interview after the match on how he got disappointed with referee Oddvar Moendalam’s decision, for not providing enough protection to the player.

According to Ronaldo, he often received hard tackles from Zagreb players, that finally led him to get 3 stitches on his wounded ankle.

“The referee is a disgrace,”said Ronaldo after the match.

“I hope the referee is no longer leading the game that we play further more, because he was disgracefull,”he continued.

He was so angry with what happened on the match, he blurted to the first interviewer quickly after the match.

I get three stitches,” complained Cristiano.

“I do not understand these referees, the ones that appeal to fair play , protection of the most skilled players. I have that. I think that being rich, handsome, and being a great player, people are jealous of me. I don’t find another explanation. I do not understand. I’m sad because the referees say they protect the players who are more sensitive and more skill. But when I play they never protect me,” said Ronaldo.

After the game, assistant coach Victor Karanka, who replaced Jose Mourinho in the game due to Mourinho’s banned , explained that Ronaldo is getting quite serious injuries and require medical treatment.

“It’s worrying to see Marcelo was sent off when Cristiano Ronaldo is receiving stitches in the dressing room. All players should be equally protected,” explained Karanka.

ronaldo injury

Judging the blood on his wound ankle above, I think Ronaldo made his point on the protest. The leg part is the most precious thing as a footballer, and he has the right to protect himself. But still, with his arrogant protest and comment, he will be the last person to received sympathy from the media.


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