Cristiano Ronaldo Apologized To a Fan For Ball Incident

This guy probably wouldn’t even dream that someday he will get Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey, from his own hand. But last night, he became the luckiest fan among all Real Madrid supporters at Santiago Bernabeu, when Cristiano Ronaldo, came straight to him after the Getafe match, apologizing and gave him his jersey.

It wasn’t unreasonable action from the striker, since on the first half match, the guy’s face got hit with the ball, just when Ronaldo made a shot. It was clearly an accident, yet the Portuguese player felt the guilty on hurting the fan.

So after the match, he apologized to him in person, and gave him a nice souvenir, his own jersey.

“I didnt mean that. I wanted to shoot, but failed. I apologized,” said Ron to the fan.


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