Cristiano Ronaldo “Angry Grass” Sold for €5,000

cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo grabbed the headlines in sports news recently, after he spontaneously released his anger during Bosnia match to a harmless grass.

As we can see in the video, which you can see by clicking the link in the bottom of the article, Ronaldo was seen grabbing a handfull of grass on the field, and smashed it to the ground.

The reason, he might find the grass as the reason why his failed on his shot earlier. It’s not too much actually, since before the match started, the whole field got watered, which became a big mistake, as it caused a bad condition to the grass.

But the funny thing is, the grass that got thrown away by the Portugal captain was later got into an auction in Bosnia’s site, and sold for no less than €5000.

Watch the video :

Cristiano Ronaldo Threw Grass at Bosnia vs Portugal Match


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