Cristiano Ronaldo and Yolanthe Sneijder TV Interview

Yolanthe Cabau Sneijder has her eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo ?? Who knows….. But the latest news on the sexy presenter is that she’s going to interviewing famous people on her new Netherland TV Show, such as George Clooney, Paris Hilton, and Cristiano Ronaldo. And she already confirmed that they already agreed to be on her show.

Cris and Yolanthe ? Yes, her beauty has captured Wesley Sneijder, also a famous footballer to marry her. But will it also fancy Cristiano Ronaldo, who happened to be a womanizer, before he met Irina Shayk ?

Anyway, according to Tatum Dagelet, a Netherland presenter, Yolanthe’s marriage with Wesley Sneijder won’t be last for long, and that she will soon finds another man. On her radio station, she joked that she will be having an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, as her future guest star.  (No offense, but, I think Cris won’t be jeopardizing his relationship with Iri for other man’s wife….)

The show will be aired in May, and I’m guessing it will be in English. But there are no news yet on where the interview will be held with Cristiano Ronaldo.


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