Cristiano Ronaldo And Xabi Alonso Penalty Dispute vs Villarreal Broadcasted

[/caption]Real Madrid’s La Liga encounter against Villarreal last Sunday came as an opportunity for talisman Cristiano Ronaldo to express solidarity for his devastated home land Madeira, to help Los Blancos bounce back from their Champions League defeat, and to extend his tally in the top scorers chart.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a bright start by scoring from a free-kick to break the dead lock and he pursued his dazzling form throughout the rest of the game.

In that match, there were eight goals: two went Villarreal’s way, while Real Madrid netted the other six – two of which were penalties.

The first one was controversially won by Gonzalo Higuain who appeared to have dived. Ronaldo’s buddy and team mate Ricardo Kaka took the kick and scored to ease the pressure that has been surrounding him lately.

The second penalty came right at the end of the match after Robert Pires was disqualified for stepping on Cristiano Ronaldo’s left foot in the box. Xabi Alonso claimed the right to score his first ever Real Madrid goal; he indeed accomplished his wish and thus rounded up the Spanish giants’ 6-2 victory over Villarreal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in that match and the flurry of goals captivated the media, but that wasn’t all in fact.

There was actually a little dispute between Xabi Alonso and Ronaldo according to TV station Canal +. The report revealed the discussion that took place before the last goal of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match was scored.

Xabi Alonso: Cris, give it to me… (Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t answer) because I haven’t even scored one goal. Let me score one, let me.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
The next one, I promise you

Xabi Alonso:
No, stop. Give me this one. Come on, give me the ball

La Liga; Real Madrid 6-2 Villarreal: Cristiano Ronaldo joins Xabi Alonso in celebration after the Spanish midfielder scores Real Madrid's sixth goal from the penalty spot.

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At that point, Xabi Alonso placed the ball and Cristiano Ronaldo decided to walk away.

Cameras also showed that man-of-the-match Ronaldo didn’t take part in the celebrations after Alonso converted the penalty kick, according to the reports made by Canal +.

Meanwhile, this picture on the right was taken during the game – just after Xabi Alonso scored from the penalty spot.

Are the media trying to fabricate something through Cristiano Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso around the subject of unity in the Real Madrid squad?

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