Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal ‘Duo’ in New Nike Commercial

cristiano ronaldo and nadalCristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal will appear in Nike’s new commercial together. The news were already spread on the internet since last week, however, it became official after Nadal tweeted the picture of them together .

Ronaldo and Nadal both are famous in Spanish sports news, and also become one  of Nike’s highest paid athletes. Each of them reportedly receive around €1,2 million per year contract with Nike.

However, if you want to  take a peek on behind the scene pictures, you have to be disappointed, because the shoot was very private not for public. Nike always  managed to keep the secrecy of the shooting, even with nearly 100 person involved in the process. For the pictures or the video, we have to wait until Nike release it to public.

Before the shoot, Ronaldo had a day off after a match against CSKA Moscow. He then took a private plane to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, where he arrived around 4 in the afternoon with fully guarded. Nadal made it an hour earlier to the location.


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