Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo To Play Against Hotspur

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo are reportedly ready for tomorrow’s match against Tottenham Hotspur. This news has made all madridistas relief, since they can afford another loss on a different competition.

Last weekend, Real Madrid was tragically lost to Sporting Gijon, that made Mou loses his hope to win the Spanish League Championship, after losing 8 points from rival Barcelona.

And now both Cristiano and Marcelo are willing to play tomorrow, even though it means they could risk themselves. Cris and Marcelo’s condition is not 100% fit, and according to the medical team, they can be ready to play in a few more days. However, they want to help the team to win this important match. Moreover, the first leg match will taken it’s place at Santiago Bernabeu, where they perform at their best.

Before, right after the defeated against Gijon, Mou already leave a signal  that Cris will perform at Hotspur match.

“If Cristiano plays, it because he and I are taking the risk,” he said on a press conference.

But will he let Cristiano risk himself  on the match ? I guess we’ll have to wait tomorrow.

Apart from Cristiano health, Santiago Bernabeu will welcome Rafael Van der Vaart who’s now join Hotspur team. He felt excited to be able to play against his former teammates. The visitors have arrived today, and will began training at 19:00.


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