Cristiano Ronaldo and Katia – Family Fued ??

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as a family man, who loves his family more than anything. His mother, Dolores Aveiro, became the priority of his life.

However, after dating Russian model Irina Shayk, Ronaldo’s priority starts to change. Of course she can’t be compare to his son, Junior, but still…

For Irina, Ronaldo even willing to keep his distance with the person he consider one of the closest, his sister Katia.

It was no secret that Katia always takes care of his little brother. So far, Ronaldo just let his life being run by her. But after Katia’s former maid came out publicly about the reality behind the family, Ronaldo got the worse out of him.

On the maid’s statement, she said that all the family members hates Irina, although they spoke differently infront of Ronaldo. She also mentioned  how often Katia spoke badly about Irina.

This statement has said to caused an anger at Ronaldo’s part. He won’t except that his sister, who he consider the closest one to his girlfriend, would do such thing. His mother, Dolores, tried to make the situation better by getting more closer to his son, making sure he gets what he wants. And that includes her getting along with Irina. (We can see how Dolly acts differently at Getafe’s match, where she and Irina were having a playfull time with Cristiano Junior for the first time)

A source close to the family has said that Katia tried to remedy her mistake, and make it up to her brother and his girlfriend. But Irina was hurt too much by her, so it’s not an easy thing.

Before the statement, Katia has planned to move to Madrid with his husband. A Ronaldo actually a bit bothered with her decision, for privacy reason, but he let her do what she wants. However, the fued made Katia post-poned her moving to Madrid, although she already prepared for everything.

Of course there are no comments from them regarding the rumor. But one thing for sure, Katia hasn’t been in a single Real Madrid’s match this season. Even at an important match such as El Clasico Supercopa, Katia was no where to be seen.

Could this be a sign for brother and sister first fight  in public ?? Did Ronaldo really chose Irina over his sister ?


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