Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Arrogant Behaviour at Marie Claire Prix de la Moda 2011

irina shayk and Cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo accompanied girlfriend Irina Shayk at Marie Claire 2011 Award event that was heldĀ  at French Embassy in Madrid last Thursday (17/11). On the event, Irina Shayk was honored the prix de la moda award.

Despite their happiness that got captured on the camera, there were unpleasant news came along their presence at the event.

According to other guest, Irina and Ronaldo showed unappropriated behaviour to others, as they were playing a distant , empathetic, and rude to the guests, especially who sat on the same table with them. They also showing a disrespecfull attitude to other winners by not applausing, acting busy with their phone, or whispering to each other. They simply didn’t have any interest to others aside themself.

Ronaldo event refused when the guests politely asked him to take his pictures. And they weren’t the only one who got unlucky, as the photographer on the show also got rejected when they wanted to take his pictures with Irina at the red carpet.

Surprise ?? Not really……..


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