Cristiano Ronaldo : A Provocative Player ??

Real Valladollid defender, Nivaldo Santana accused Cristiano Ronaldo for being provocative player during the match.

When Real Madrid met Real Valladollid on Sunday match 14/3/10, he was specially assigned to guard Ronaldo.

On one incident, he managed to injure Ronaldo’ s left foot with his boot.

Ronaldo then lowered his socks to show his open wounds. Even so, the referee didn’t seem to be affected by those wounds, and let Nivaldo free from the punishment.

Nivaldo then made a comment about how complicated Ronaldo was as a great player and why the referee let him do what he did (like showing the wounds and protest).

“If other players do just like he did, the referee will say something,” said Nivaldo to Cadena Ser radio.

“He is very provocative and when we tried to talk to him, he’s talking about something else.”

General Director of Madrid, Jorge Valdano, was very worried about the violations that happened to Ronaldo. Fearing that the world’s most expensive player would be absent through injury again, he declared:

“We need to analyze what our enemies did to Ronaldo,” he said.injured

Of course Jorge Valdano was right, because what Nivaldo did was more like an attempt to hurt Ronaldo in purpose.

In this picture on the right, you can see the wounds that he got from the incident.


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