Cristiano Junior Enjoys Dolly’s “Honeymoon” Trip

On my previous articles, I wrote about Dolly’s trip to Madeira with boyfriend Jose Andrade, along with Cristianinho. And on the left, we can see a cover of Portugal magazine, Gente, which shows Dolly’s happy face with lil Junior on the event.

Why a big smile, Dolly ?? Well, apparently Gente wrote that the trip is a honeymoon vacation, a present from Dolly to Mr Andrade. However, since Cris was busy with Real Madrid, she had to take Junior along with them. They went travelling to Madeira on March 3rd, and went back to Madrid together on the 7th.

And although Dolly spends most of her time in Madrid, Jose Andrade still works in Funchal, as a coast guard. So for her grandson’s sake, she chose a long distance relationship.

Anyway, on the magazine, they post pictures of Dolly holding the phone, and later she put the phone on Juniors ear, so someone (probably dad Cris !) accross the phone could hear his voice. So cute….


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