Cristiano Hoped to Erupt For Portugal’s Opener Against Ivory Coast

Cristiano Ronaldo is not worried despite he hasn’t scored for Portugal for 16 months now, and World Cup is the right moment to show his capability as a world class player. He even said that  “goals are like ketchup.”

“The goals will come. They’ll come naturally,” Ronaldo said Sunday. “It’s like a great player once told me, goals are like ketchup …”Sometimes as much as you try, they don’t come out, and when they come, many come all at same time. ”

Cristiano last goal came from an International friendly match against Finland, where he made his goal from the penalty spot. But in competitive matches, no goal from him since 2008 European Championship.

Ronaldo hopes to “erupt”  in the Portugal’s opener on Tuesday(15/6) against Ivory Coast in Port Elizabeth  and end the drought.

“When I say erupt … I mean show what I can do, not just a one-off but to play well at the World Cup,” Ronaldo said. “I always want to be the best.”

“I’ve been working as hard as usual, and it is God that knows who works and deserves it, so in that sense I am completely tranquil.

“No, I’ll give my best and the goals will appear, but I don’t want to set the bar at being the top scorer or the best player at the World Cup.”


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