CRF’s Contest is almost over; who will be the top 2 winners?

Exactly ten days before the winners of the CRF Best Fan of the Year Contest is announced, J’Lah takes an analytical look at the poll.

It’s strange to see how many people vote “Someone Else” without voicing who this “someone else” is… Anyway, this makes our current favorite Adrian in a better position to win the award. Mathematically, Adi is on the track to become the run-away champion BUT, it’s not over yet for the rest of the contenders.

As I repeatedly stated through mails, my first choice winner will earn an automatic 50 points bonus while my second choice winner will have a 30 points bonus.

There is still uncertainty about who might finish up second in the contest and grab the opportunity of having an exclusive interview with me, J’Lah, which will then be published on the site. Diana and Getoar are realistic contenders for the second spot while Enxhi seems to be doing just enough to stay in the race. It’s probably over though for our dear Ulrik Fredrik.

Anyway, these are just analysis and not the reality. There could even be an upset. However, this will depend on how YOU (the contenders) influence people to vote for you.

Isn’t it a great feeling to have videos or pictures of yourself posted on a site, with an interview and articles about you! That’s what the winner will have, in addition to an Official Award Certificate from CRF.

So do your best! Tell your friends and people around you to vote for you now because the contest ends soon. Win to become a Star on CRF!

Written by: Angela Asante

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