CRF Photo Gallery on a high: watch plenty pictures of Ronaldo!!!

Ronaldo celebrates v FC Toronto

Ronaldo celebrates v FC Toronto

Hey my friends, I bet you don’t know what has just happened to CRF’s Photo Gallery. This prime section on the website is presently under a revolution.

There are now more and more pictures in each and every Real Madrid sub-folder (apart from the Copa del Rey folder). Man, you cannot waste your time searching somewhere else on the net. At Cristiano Ronaldo, we make sure that you, the viewers, get satisfied excessively. Guys, it is just the beginning!!!

From now on, be aware that our Photo Gallery will be updated with a lot of pictures everyday. Pics of Ronaldo’s recent and old matches, pics of Ronaldo’s family, pics of Ronaldo at ceremonies, and much more!!

It is real, on CRF. Now, believe me and go straight to Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Photo Gallery, the best on the net!

Enjoy pictures in each of these folders:

La Liga; Champions League; Friendly Matches; Training; Other.

Watch out for many more pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo in other categories as well! Keep coming back for more, only at CRF!

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