CRF Contest: How to vote and win

With the CRF Best Fan of the Year competition ending in less than 4 weeks, the site’s Chief Editor Angela Asante aka J’Lah has decided to prepare everyone ahead of the final decisive moment.

Some of you may have problems regarding how to vote for your favorite contender. Here is how the process goes:

1) Click on the round button which is near the name of your preffered choice.

2) Click on vote.

Important notice: Each person should vote once!

Now a problem may occure for those of you who are automatically logged into the CRF site.

Due to the fact that we want to be assured that each person votes once and only once, we have put a system in place for the voting poll whereby you will only be able to vote once on a computer that is automatically logged in to the Cristiano Ronaldo Fan site.

So here is how to do if you want your friends to help you win the contest by voting massively:

1) Take a computer that is not automatically logged in to CRF.

2) Tell them to click on your name

3) Tell them to press “Vote”

Important notice: Tell each and every of your friends to vote once and only once.

Now, there you go! Call on everyone you know to vote for you. Make yourself a super campaign and win this hot contest!

Create history by becoming the first winner of the first ever CRF Best Fan of the Year Award!

Remember, the winner will be portrayed on the website like a real Superstar all over this website, with pictures and an exclusive interview.

Hurry, the contest ends on April 3.

Written by: Angela Asante

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