Champions League defeat leaves Ronaldo uncertain about his Manchester United career future

The World Player of the Year has gone through some joyful moments after being able to mature himself as player. He can boast of a multitude of awards, both individual and collective, as well as some memorable moments this season like in previous years.

But last night’s defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League final was a black day in Cristiano Ronaldo’s entire career as a footballer.

Cristiano Ronaldo interview after Manchester United’s Champions League final defeat to Barcelona

“This is one of the biggest disappointments of my career,” said Ronaldo. “We were always confident before the game but unfortunately we couldn’t do it.”

Indeed, Manchester United didn’t show up their real face and it seemed like Barcelona had killed off their spirit of champions even before the match.

“It is always bad when you lose a final,” said Ronaldo.

“But we didn’t play well. We did okay in the first 10 minutes but you have to say Barcelona deserved to win.”

Ronaldo seemed to single out Manchester United’s coach Sir Alex Ferguson as the main man behind the team’s defeat.

“Everything went wrong,” Ronaldo said. “We started well in the game but after we didn’t do nothing. We didn’t control the game and we lost. I think Barcelona played better than us and they deserved to win.”

“Everyone expects Manchester to do something in the game and it didn’t happen,” Ronaldo said. “(We) didn’t play fantastic, (we) didn’t control the game, we didn’t do the right thing, we lost goals and that’s what’s happened tonight.”

Messi didn’t beat me, Barcelona beat us.

With Messi rounding off the victory for Barcelona, it was inevitable that football fans around the world would chant songs portraying Lionel Messi as the winner of the duel against Ronaldo.
But the reigning World Player of the Year came up in disagreement of this obvious opinion.

“No, the game was between Manchester and Barcelona, it wasn’t a duel between anyone in particular.”

Either way, Messi’s header and 38th goal of the season will certainly land the Argentine forward all the major individual awards this year. But Ronaldo prefers to concentrate on the future:

“I’m sure I’m going to play more finals,”

Indeed, Ronaldo might reach many more finals in his club career… but with which team? Manchester United, really?

Ronaldo – the next decision: Maybe Real Madrid not Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s heart, mind, and soul were filled with disappointment, anguish, confusion, and anger at Manchester United’s defeat against Barcelona on Wednesday night in Rome. And when the questioned about whether he’ll be at Old Trafford next season, Ronaldo simply said these three words:

“I don’t know.”

Only three words, yes, but they are of a great importance. The man who vowed to remain at Old Trafford for many years to come is now eying an exit. His belief in the club may be gone; Ronaldo may be in a situation where he wants to choose the best place for him to be successful.

Can Real Madrid help him fulfill his wish of being a winner always? Either way, Ronaldo switching to Madrid in search of success will portray the Portuguese Superstar as a bad looser whose heart has no love but the desire to be a winner.

Watch Ronaldo’s interview after the Barcelona defeat

Written by: Angela Asante

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