Castrol Rankings and Stats: Cristiano Ronaldo More Than A Sprinter!

[/caption]Cristiano ‘Cheetah’ Ronaldo isn’t just a “Toyota Prius car weight lifter” or an “Apollon 11 x4 rocket”. He is more than a sprinter, Castrol Rankings and Statistics reveal.

How? Just check out these facts to know:

Cristiano Ronaldo, More Than A Sprinter

‘Cheetah’ Ronaldo holds an incredible record that you may not want to believe. There are around 25 competitive races for a 1000 track athlete per season.

Per game, Cristiano Ronaldo sprints at least 20 times at full pace. As a footballer plays an average of 50 matches in one season, it comes down to the fact that ‘Cheetah’ Ronaldo sprints like 1000 times in a season!

Castrol Rankings

However CR9 might have been affected by his match bans and his lack of goals throughout the month of January. He has now lost the first spot in the Castrol Rankings as Europe’s best football player.

‘Cheetah’ Ronaldo is second behind Lionel Messi. The Portuguese gathers 930 points, 50 behind Barcelona’s Argentine playmaker.
Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s former Manchester United team mate Wayne Rooney only places 9th in the Castrol Rankings.

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