Captain Cristiano Ronaldo: I’m Sure Portugal Will Qualify For The World Cup.

Captain-Ron-with-PortugalHe won’t play, but he will offer support.

On Saturday night, Portugal will play the first leg of their play-offs tie against Bosnia Herzegovina but they will be without the presence of their captain Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch.

The 24-year-old star winger is reportedly still recovering from his ankle injury and he will not be risked to play in Portugal’s upcoming crucial matches despite showing signs of improvement.

Portugal would have to make the most of their home advantage against their opponents. Bosnia Herzegovina have a very good attacking record with the likes of striker Edin Dzeko boosting their confidence and their potential. However, their defensive record is far from equaling Portugal’s.

Ahead of this crunching encounter, Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo told Marca:

“I’ll be supporting my team-mates. I am sure that we will qualify for the World Cup.”

Should Portugal fail to qualify for the finals of the World Cup in South Africa, it will be a disaster for the country as a whole and for Cristiano Ronaldo as an individual.

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