Any problem with Ronaldo’s way of taking free-kicks? Marc Hughes thinks ‘yes’!

Superstar player Cristiano Ronaldo has underlined time and again his ability to take free-kicks. Amongst his 26 goals this season, at least 5 were scored out of direct free-kicks.

One of Ronaldo’s admirers, Marc Hughes – also a former Red Devil – revealed his amazement to

“The way Ronaldo strikes the ball from free-kicks is a completely different technique to anyone else I have ever seen,”

“It is an outstanding talent that causes big problems for goalkeepers – but Ronaldo himself might one day find there are consequences as well.”

Quite a strange remark there from the Manchester City boss, but the manager was quick to explain his opinion.

“It is such an unnatural movement and I wonder whether he will be able to maintain that technique throughout his career without causing himself some damage.”

“Ronaldo has found something that works for him and he has the ability to do it on a regular basis,”

“But it is something that could cause problems, so he will have to build a lot of strength into his thighs and in the muscles around the knee.”

Was Marc Hughes trying to play mind games ahead of his team’s visit to Old Trafford on Sunday? Whether it was the case or not, Cristiano Ronaldo scored from a free-kick before Marc Hughes’ own eyes – an opening goal that helped Manchester United wrap up all three points at the end of the day.
Manchester United continue their hunt for Premiership glory with an away game at Wigan tonight and Cristiano Ronaldo could be on target again.

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s Top 10 free-kicks on a video made by Andy7:

Written by: Angela Asante

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