Angry Cristiano Ronaldo Got Distracted From Osasuna Fans

The defeated against Osasuna was a huge disappointment which hit the players mentally. And it wasn’t because of the goal from Javier Camunas that led the host to the victory,  but it was more of the unfriendly atmosphere from Osasuna.

The rough match has ended with 8 yellow cards, and for Cristiano Ronaldo, it wasn’t his  night since he became the center of torture and harassment subject, not only from the players, but  from the Osasuna’s supporters aswell.

Since he entered the field, the audience started to insult CR by screaming ” The Portuguese the son of a b**** !!”  in Spanish, nonstop, and also told him to take off his jersey, and showed him some other inappropriate words.

First CR could still act calmly and even smile, to show his respond with those insult. But apparently, during the match, the fans did more than just that. They also threw objects like small balls, and other stuff at him, and told him to step on it. The field near him full with things that could be dangerous if he step on to. CR had to pick some of the objects from the field, and threw it out the pitch. Clearly he made a gesture that what the fans did was just out of control.

But the torture didn’t end there. As if it wasn’t enough, the audience even pointed him with green lasers to distracted him even more. They tried anything to blow his mind so he couldn’t concentrate to the game.

After the match, Cris said on a press conference, that the Osasuna’s wanted to win the match at all cost. “The atmosphere is very fatal, can’t tollerate with a common sense. It was like in a war, very unhuman.”

He also added that the match shouldn’t be watched by kids, since it was inappropriate for them. “These actions should not be shown in competition like this (Primera League). They tried anything to get the three points.”

The unfriendly atmosphere were shown not only in Pamplona, but on other away match in other league aswell. At Anoeta, Real Sociedad, Levante, Sporting Gijon, Almeria, Valencia,…even Casillas got thrown with bottles in Copa match with Sevilla. Luckily the bottles didn’t hit him.

“We can not blame the terror of the audience as the reason for this defeat. We must rise up and believe opportunities still exist. In the standings, we are lagging far behind. However, I will not give up so easily. Opportunities still exist because the competition is still ongoing. Everything can happen in the coming weeks, “said captain Casillas.

Such a shame, in a prestigious  competition like Spanish League, there were still many club that shows unsportiveness, and didn’t even bother to teach their supporters how to treat the visitors.


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