Andres Iniesta, You Mean Ronaldo Is A hypocrite? What About You Then, Cheater?!

Iniesta runsIt’s laughable to hear Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta describing Cristiano Ronaldo as a kind of hypocrite and pretender.
On Sunday evening, there was a little raw between these two players during El Clasico.

The reason behind the furious talking that took place on the field was all about the “diving” issue.

Andres Iniesta had initially fallen to the ground despite not being hit by any heavy contact or tackle. Cristiano Ronaldo then attempted to pick him up with the thought that “diving” was not supported in El Clasico.

Apparently, the Spanish midfielder got angry and this is what he explained to Onda Cero after Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid:

“It got me annoyed when Cristiano Ronaldo asked me not to dive because he’s certainly not the best person to rebuke anyone about that.

“He shouldn’t be telling anyone if they dived or not.”

Even if Andres Iniesta was right in his statements, he should also remember that one should remove the speck in his eye before trying to do so for someone else.

Do you guys remember how Barcelona cheated past Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the semi-finals last season? Does anyone remember how Gerrard Pique and Samuel Eto’o handled the ball in the penalty box at separate occasions in that particular game? Has anybody forgotten the fact that Chelsea’s first free-kick just outside the box in the opening minutes should have rather been a penalty?

Well, when you are proud of being part of a team that cheated their way through Champions League success, you cannot really talk about another person being unclean.

Check your pants first before teasing someone else! Lol

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