Xerez vs Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Returns In La Liga

[/caption]Cristiano Ronaldo’s match ban is over! The € 94 million signing will finally return to La Liga action this weekend with Real Madrid when Los Blancos play against Xerez away from home on match-day 22.

This fixture could prove to be very tricky:

While struggling Xerez will try and pull out an upset on their own soil, Real Madrid will try to repeat the 5-0 exploit which they recorded against the Azulinos at the Santiago Bernabeu last September.

Xerez analyses

Xerez occupy the last place in the table standings. Their chances of surviving relegation look slim:

They have a total of only 11 points only after 21 games played, and they are 6 points off Tenerife (who are 19th). However, the Azulinos refuse to give in on their dream of staying in Spain’s Primera Division for another year.

Playing against Real Madrid on Saturday evening could present two outcomes:

A positive result which will boost Xerez’s spirit but shock the Spanish giants.

An “expected” negative result (as many may think) which will add more salt to their wounds.

Real Madrid analyses

Los Blancos could enjoy a perfect weekend; that is if they beat Xerez and if Barcelona lose to Atletico Madrid in the match of the week on Sunday.

Five points separate Real Madrid from the 2008/09 La Liga champions. The gap will therefore be cut to two points if the Spanish giants grab a victory.

Real Madrid defeated Xerez 5-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu when the two teams met in the first half of Spain’s La Liga campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo facts

Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid 5-0 Xerez: Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates with his arms wide open after scoring against Xerez.

From Reuters Images

Cristiano Ronaldo scored after only 47 seconds against Xerez when Real Madrid hosted the Azulinos in the first part of the campaign.

He went on to clinch a brace with a second half header and might have recorded a hat-trick as well but he was taken off as a substitute.

In La Liga’s top scorers chart, Cristiano Ronaldo is in sixth place like Diego Forlan with 9 goals while Lionel Messi tops the list with 16 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo will only be playing in his 13th La Liga game this season. The Portuguese star winger missed as much as seven league matches for Real Madrid through injury and suspension.

The year 2010 hasn’t been so great for Cristiano Ronaldo so far but on Saturday, he could put all his troubles behind him by helping Real Madrid defeat Xerez in order to keep pace with Barcelona in La Liga standings.

Angela Asante, Footballfantalk.com

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    • sinnineli
      13th February 2010

      YAY!!!!RMA vs XEREZ 3 : 0 OMG AND CRISTIANO MADE TWO GOALS IN 2 MIN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S PROBABLY THE ONLY MAN IN THE WORLD WHO CAN DO THAT !!!GOD I LOVE THIS MAN. I wonder what will media say this time,of course (as always) they’ll find some bad things to tell about him.But the most funny thing is that CR proved that he’s helpful for a team,not useless (RMA won with Cristiano in team cha,even though the beginning of game was quite rough ),and paps who wrote that he is slowing down team,now is so TOTALY FAILED that if I would be in their shoes I would hide from everyone 😀 Because CR came back with a thunder 😀 DAMN I’m soooooo happy that I’m like jumping all around,and sending messages to everyone :DI feel like i’ve won a million 😀 Cristiano makes me happy,when he punches to media like that !!! OMG I hope I’ll calm down soon,because now I’m like totaly crazy 😀 Probably I’ll not be able to sleep tonight,cause I’m just too happy right now for Cristiano 🙂 What do you think guys?

    • Ari
      14th February 2010

      Yesterday was REALLYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOTTALY INCREDIBLE. For Cris and for RMA. I saw his passion again playing, and that’s was the greatest thing ever. Im really happy for him,and for the team of course, they deserved to win, Xerez goalkepper was really funny for me xDDD He thought that he can beat Kaka(when was the second Cristiano’s gol). Cristiano was and is just incredible, love hiiiiiiiiiiiim xD
      But, of course, the media will find something bad to write about him.Well,the most important thing was to see this:2 golllls, he’s shining xD
      Probably with Lyon where will be more gols xD It was like training for the big CL game (:

    • Angela Asante
      15th February 2010

      Hip-hip-hip, Hurray! Hip-hip-hip, Hurray!!!! The perfect weekend for Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 2 goals, Los Blancos won 3-0, and Barca lost!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

      Yuhuuuu!!! 😛 😛

    • sinnineli
      15th February 2010

      Yeah Barca lost that’s the best thing that could’ve happen 😀 Now RMA is very close to Barca in tournament,and they have a great chance to overtake Barca !! 😀 I’m hoping that next saturday barca will loose ,and RMA will win again 🙂


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