Will Ronaldo follow Scolari to Chelsea?

Chelsea’s new coach Luis Felipe Scolari might take his golden boy Cristiano Ronaldo with him to his new club.

Scolari says, “I have told him that in football you cannot live on memories. You have to take the opportunities when they come along because perhaps they will not come again in your lifetime.”

Ronaldo have earlier described Scolari as a father figure so if Abramovich opens up his wallet and hand up +£100m, why not?

A lot of rumours out there at the moment. What do you think? Man Utd, Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona?

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    • Moon
      15th June 2008

      why do u wanna give RONALDO a punishment?

    • David
      15th June 2008

      manchester united or real – hopefully man u !

    • gab
      16th June 2008

      Well, I hope Man U, even though I am Portuguese myself I want CR with Man U. He must not forget that it was Man U who gave the chance and not Real Madrid or Portugal.
      I support Man U, it was the English who also gave me a chance in life , and that is why I have a soft spot for English and not my own race.Sir Fugerson has been very good to him and I think that CR must see that.I do love CR the way he plays and he makes it very interesting to watch.
      so, CR stay with Man U and forget Real Madrid because I doubt it that they would have bothered with you , if you were still with sporting Lisbon, and LIsbon would have just left you and not give a change a big change they would looked after they own.


    • alex
      18th June 2008

      chloe how could u b so evil mun
      ronaldo is awesome he shouldntleave

    • chris
      19th June 2008

      haha chelsea, fuck off there shit. only reason players go to chelsea is because they want to experience the london life!

    • jojo
      22nd June 2008

      ronaldo should totally move to chelsea!!


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