Why is Ronaldo not married? Too young to marry?

At 23 years of age, Cristiano Ronaldo still lives as a single man. Unlike Robin Van Persie or Sergio Aguerro , Ronaldo has no fiancée, no wife, no kids… at least, officially.

The Portuguese Superstar is believed to have dated over 100 girls if rumours are true – which explains one of his quotes: “We should make the most of life, enjoy it because that’s the way it is”

Cristiano Ronaldo looked very close though to marry M. Bean ’s daughter Gemma Atinkson or even Spanish model Mercedes Romero whom he both dated, without forgetting Jordana Jardel from Brazil.

But after going out with all these ladies for months, Cristiano Ronaldo did not propose anything so serious as marriage.

Perhaps Ronaldo feels he is too young to settle with one woman now, perhaps is it a way to concentrate more on his professional career.

In any case, the dumped-and-broken Nereida Gallardo has other ideas why Ronaldo is not, cannot, and does not want to marry: it’s all because of his mother, Dolores Aveiro.

“He phones her every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next girlfriend is chosen by his mum,” Nereida once revealed as she blamed Dolores Aveiro for her split with Ronaldo.

Rumours that the Star winger was going to marry the model from Mallorca were so strong that the press were just waiting to see the wedding ceremony take place to capture some exclusive pictures. The couple were seen together so often and cameras even spotted Nereida with a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

The Manchester United number 7 would have certainly eclipsed the Beckhams if he had effectively married the model. But after eight months of serious dating, Ronaldo’s relationship with Gallardo collapsed into pieces.

“He’s a coward who couldn’t end it face-to-face,” Nereida insisted – pointing out the way Ronaldo dumped her by text messages.

Letizia Filippi aka The Gaze was next on Ronaldo’s list, with Niki Ghazian in between his dreams.

Still, the so-called coward playboy could not choose a wife to marry among these girls… So, is it really Ronaldo’s choice to remain unmarried at present?

Well, there should be a reason why this successful, powerful, handsome and happy man is still single.

Written by: Angela Asante


    • Y
      27th December 2008

      God! He’s only 23 years old He does not need to think about marriage right now!! This is the 21st centaury! He has plenty of time to settle down and have a family!!

    • Alfy
      29th December 2008

      Guys, he is not married because he’s waiting for me!!!

    • Diana
      30th December 2008

      Like Y said, why the heck should he get married??? His only 23 for goodness sakes! It’s not like his in his early 30’s or something, his still got plenty of time for all that. Right now his at a point in his life where he should be having fun, concentrating on his game and stuff. Not worried on procreating and rasing children. Besides….his waiting for me hahaha 😛

      But nah seriously, you only get your youth once. Live it to the maximum!


    • Admin
      30th December 2008

      Hey guys,

      What do you think about Diana? I don’t know if it is the same Diana who wrote some comments recently, but I can say that she’s quite an impressive girl. I like the way she always tries to explain her points.

      By the way, has Ronaldo heard about Prostate illness and stuff? Many girls, many problems! Hahaha!!!!

      OK guys, keep commentating. It’s good to know what’s your mind about Ronaldo’s single status.


    • Marco
      2nd January 2009

      you answered the question in your fist sentence. he’s 23. why on earth should he be married so young?

    • azin
      11th January 2009

      loooooooooooooooooook here deeeeaaaars!!!!!! no one can be a good wife for him because he always thinks about me, he loooooooooove me. and one day he wants me to marry with him,but i reject it!!!!!!!!

    • Lydia trisha Govender
      13th January 2009

      Cristiano.R.D.Santos, i think you should becareful,lol, i hope someday you will read all the comments people leave for you, but some of them are right, you’re so young ,enjoy life,enjoy your career, go places, travel to where ever you want to,do things you have never done or experienced before, then when you adult enough you can chose someone to marry but let that decision be yours and no one elses, not to be rude or disrespectful(cristianos mum).sometimes you need to be thankful your mum is also there. remember parents,especially mothers can see wat we cannot see in others.
      Cristiano you’re so privleged to have everything and make your own decisions,so make right decisions.And when you choose a wife let her be someone that loves you for you and not for your money or popularity or because you’re a famous celeb, marriage is a big step in life.i see you always wear a white rosary i hope that waering that also means you’re a devoted christian, so in all things that you want and need ask God for guidance.God Bless

    • nevro
      15th January 2009

      maybe he don’t like to married? if he came to Indonesia he will change his mind! (it’s heaven man). call me at 085723913069 or 081563870637

    • Teresa
      15th January 2009

      Maybe my guys the Portuguese men have a good thinking of life , like enjoy them selfs first before marrige so they dont cheat on them wifes.

    • enxhi
      16th January 2009

      This is very good thing…..cristiano is so yaung to married……goodddd ….i love you so much cristianoo..you are the light of my life……….

    • Mrs Nicola Ronaldo
      24th February 2009

      he only 24 and he does not need Kids are a wife because he think about me love ya babessss lot of love &&&&&&&&& xxxxxxx.

    • rach
      3rd May 2009

      i’ll marry him or at least date him
      watch him play football – go 2 all ov his matches aww ronaldo bbi hav me aww
      mwahh love u xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      ur my heroo!!!!!!!

    • liz
      18th May 2009

      pliz give us a break.let the guy live his life besides he is too young to marry.For you the desperate ones get a life and live the reality you will never get hold of Ronaldo

    • princessw
      23rd June 2009

      ohh he’s too young people … he doesn’t need to be with wife and kids
      let him be free .. just partying ,
      do what ever he wants…
      and besides that he doen’s think of making a family
      and i am still young too that’s why
      he’s waiting for me 🙂

    • almee
      18th August 2009

      OMG,,I can`t watch this,,guys wake up,,he is too young what else,,im sure now he is looking for me,,and waiting to find me,,you should wait too,,and you`ll se that he will marry me,,slow up :))))

    • Paula
      12th September 2009

      I can’t believe wot im readin! CR get married u guyz must be insane for Christ sake d dude’s just 24yrs old n hw many guyz his age get married?i’l tell u “NON” So y do u pple want him married? Marriage’s d Biggest n Final step in life n it involves lot of responsibilities (like wife n children) wic we all he’s not ready for!d person in question ‘s bearly an adult.pls u guyz give him a BIG break.. N as 4 his Ex-gurlfrnds woteva her name is! She got no shame!as old as she is she want young CR to marry her or d old chick CR left her for. P.S an advice 4 u older ladies pls live CR for younge pple like me becos he doesnt nid older ladies fathering his children.. Love u CR9!

    • Mich
      16th January 2013

      It has been reported that Ronaldo and Irana were due to be married December 2012 what happened there?


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