Wallpaper: Cristiano Ronaldo 7


    • Angela S. Pina
      13th June 2012

      Cristiano Please Please Please make all us Portuguese Proud, if you can score throught out your year with outside teams…Do it for us!!!!!! Please… you hold the love for the game and our proud home land in your hands.I believe in you from Canada…2nd generation Portuguese. thank you

    • johan H.G
      14th June 2012

      sin duda para mi el es el mejor jogador que hay en este momento en el futbol ya que su manera,sus tactica y su clase con la que maneja el balon son increibles…………………..

    • Guylevy03
      16th June 2012

      Dear cristiano ronaldo.
      wanted to tell you l watch every game on TV and you are one of the best actress fron.
      l am writing to you for one reason only because you’re a good player and l really want your autograph.
      l will continue to see your games and tell my family you’re a good player and l alwags Y ahudd you.
      guy levy.


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